International Conference on Tropical Studies and Its Application

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Novotel Balikpapan

Jalan Brigjen Ery Suparjan No. 2, Klandasan Ulu, Balikpapan Kota, Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan 76112


Balikpapan, ID

September 18, 2018 – September 19, 2018

Kalimantan supports the largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the Indomalayan realm, of 18.6 % of Indonesia forest coverage. It is the main center for the distribution of genera of Malesian flora and Indomalayan fauna. In the aquatic zone, tropical wetland ecosystems, including mangroves and peatlands, provide a broad array of ecosystem services. These ecosystems are often highly productive and harbor a unique assemblage of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity. Biodiversity and utilization of non-timber forest product potency in East Kalimantan are among the main agenda of research that catches international collaboration. Climate change is tightly related to sustainable agriculture, reducing deforestation, and protecting the forest, peatlands, and mangroves from ecological disasters. Moreover, East Kalimantan is situated in the vicinity of Makassar Strait which is known as the main path of Indonesian Through Flow (ITF) and connecting water mass from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. This area also famous with ALKI II (the 2nd route among the three international north-south sea routes passing through the Indonesian Archipelago).

The framework of Mulawarman University as a “Center of Excellence for Tropical Studies” as a part of the 4 in 1 initiative. This initiative is projected to excel in Teaching and Learning, Research and Innovation, and Staff Development as soft programs and Campus Infrastructure as hard program. With the assistance of this IDB program, the 4 in 1 initiative has two umbrella programs of research consortium and curricula development. The outcomes of this initiative are an increase of competent graduates, publication, increase the quality of teaching-learning, excellent services, increased student body, increased academic atmosphere, IPR, prototypes, increased research collaboration, and increased employability. In short, the 4 in 1 consortium will have a positive impact on developing nation competitiveness by providing competent graduates, collaboration in research, academic reputation, and excellent services and management.

The International Conference on Tropical Studies and Its Application annual conference on 18-19 September 2018, is organized by Mulawarman University in collaboration with Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of The Republic of Indonesia. This is a bilingual conference (Indonesian and English), which means that the full paper was written in English and the presentation can be delivered in English or Bahasa Indonesia. All accepted and Selected papers after extension and modification will be published in F1000Research



The theme of ICTROPS 2018 is "Towards Sustainable Tropical Marine: A Holistic Approach for Welfare Development of Indonesia"
Topic areas include, but not limited to

  • Marine Biodiversity and Evolution (MBE)
  • Marine Natural Products (MNP)
  • Environmental and Ecology (EEC)
  • Marine Microbiology (MMB)
  • Marine Biotechnology (MBT)
  • Coastal Management (COM)
  • Marine Conservation and Management (MCM)
  • Coastal and Ocean Modeling and Remote Sensing (CMR)
  • Socio-Cultural and Law (SCL)
  • Blue Economic (BEC)
  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering (COE)
  • Marine and Fisheries Policy (MFP)





Honorary Board

Prof. Dr. H. Masjaya, M.Si (Rector, Mulawarman Unversity)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mustofa Agung Sardjono (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Mulawarman University)

Dr. Bohari Yusuf, M.Si (Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation & Public Relations, Mulawarman University)

Prof. Dr. Enos Tangke Arung, S.Hut

Dr. Zeni Haryanto, M.Pd

Dr. Anton Rahmadi, M.Sc



Dr. Sc. Mustaid Yusuf, M.Sc



Dr. Dewi Embong Bulan, S.Kel., M.P



Dr. Jusmaldi, S.Si., M.Si



Dr. Muhammad Syahrir R., S.Pi., M.Si



Zhafira Kurnia Fitri, S.IP



Dr. Nova Hariani, S.Si., M.Si


Event Division

Rita Hairani, S.Si., M.Sc

Irma Suryana, S.Pi., M.Sc

Nurfadillah, S.Kel., M.Si

Muchlis Efendi, S.Pi., M.Sc

Dr. Erwiantoro, S.Pi., M.Si


IT Division

Veliyana Londong Allo, S.Si., M.Si

Reza Maulana Yusuf, S.Kom

Dr. Rudy Agung Nugroho, S.Si., M.Si

Firman M. Nur, S.Si


Transporation Division

Firman, S.Pi


Consumption Division

Yuliandini Puspita, S.TP

Desy Nursayekti, S.TP

Rizky Maulida Amalia Hanif, S,Si

Lisa Agustina, S.T


Supporter Staff

Masykur Kurniawan, S.E

Agung Yusuf, S.Sos

Achdiat Farid, S.H

Suriansyah, S.P

Ika Rosmita Sari, S.Hut

Muhammad Amin, S.Kom., M.Si


Decoration, Art, Equipment and Documentation Division

Fidia Deny Tisna A., S.Si., M.Si

Maulina Agriandini, S.Pi

Ari Susandi Sanjaya, S.T., M.T

Helda Niawati, S.T., M.T


Journal Division

Dr. Ritbey Ruga, S.Si., M.P

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