Mesra Hotel, Samarinda

August 26, 2019 – August 27, 2019

Indonesia is a country that has the second largest tropical forest in the world, rich in biodiversity, especially plants and is known as one of the 7 (seven) megabiodiversity countries. Distribution of higher plants found in Indonesian tropical forests is more than 12% (30,000 species) of those found on the face of the earth (250,000 species). The large biodiversity is stored in the potential of nutritious plants that can be further extracted and utilized. The use of biodiversity for welfare has been carried out traditionally, historically, and through the application of modern technology, but there is still a lot of potential for forests that have not been explored to be developed as a source of phytopharmaca or modern medicine. Indonesia's forest area and its environment are approximately 75% of all land areas and have not been used optimally as a source of medicine and cosmetics.

Mulawarman University (Unmul) holds the main mandate to implement the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, by adhering to the Principal Scientific Pattern (PIP) "tropical rainforest and its environment", Unmul builds a vision "to become an international standard university capable of playing a role in nation building through nation-building through education, research and community service that relies on natural resources (SDA), especially the humid tropical forest (tropical rainforest) and its environment. "Research on medicinal plants and cosmetics and their utilization has been carried out on a limited scale in various faculties, for example the Faculty Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and Faculty of Engineering.

The main theme of Unmul's research development is tropical sustainable rainforest ecosystem-based development. The field of study which is an innovative creative area for researchers includes 5 (five) featured fields, namely: (1) Food (local food biodiversity and its benefits), (2) Environment and natural resources (environmental protection and management and tropical natural resources), (3) Culture and Information (equality and harmonization of life in a tropical environment), (4) Energy (protection and management of natural resources and tropical climate as a source of energy and renewable energy), and (5) Health (tropical diseases and biodiversity utilization). In achieving this ultimate goal, Unmul formed several centers for study and community empowerment, one of which was the Center for Drug Research and Public Health (P2OKM). The study area of ​​this research center is one of Unmul's superior fields, namely health related to tropical diseases and biodiversity utilization. The new Center of Excellence (CoE or PUI-PT) namely Research Center for Drugs and Cosmetics from Tropical Rainforest Resources (NURTURE, or in Indonesian: "Obat dan Kosmetik dari Hutan Tropika Lembab dan Lingkungannya") can be the initiator and facilitator in developing and utilizing technology-based natural resources in East Kalimantan related to their use as medicinal and cosmetic raw materials. The programs that will be carried out by PUI-PT are to strengthen institutional development, academic excellence and the commercialization and utilization of research.

THEME: Integrated Research on Tropical Studies


1st Day: Natural Products on Tropical Studies

2nd Day: Ideas and Implementation in Integrated Research


  1. Natural and Basic Science
  2. Natural Products Chemistry
  3. Biomaterial
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Forestry
  7. Tropical Environment
  8. Tropical Engineering
  9. Tropical Ecology
  10. Tropical Biodiversity
  11. Tropical Medicine
  12. Tropical Maritime
  13. Social Science on Tropical Studies
  14. Ethnomedicine


Committee of The 3rd International Conference on Tropical Studies and Its Application (ICTROPS) Mulawarman University 2019

Honorary Board

Prof. Dr. H. Masjaya, M.Si (Rector, Mulawarman Unversity)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mustofa Agung Sardjono (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Mulawarman University)

Dr. Bohari Yusuf, M.Si (Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation & Public Relations, Mulawarman University)

Prof. Dr. Enos Tangke Arung, S.Hut., M.P

Dr. Zeni Haryanto, M.Pd



Dr. Sc. Mustaid Yusuf, M.Si (Director Executive IsDB Project Mulawarman University)



Dr. dr. Swandari Paramita, M.Kes



Rita Hairani, S.Si., M.Sc

Dr. Eva Marliana, S.Si., M.Si



Zhafira Kurnia Fitri, S.IP



Dr. Nova Hariani, S.Si., M.Si



Nurfadillah, S.Kel., M.Si



1. Academic Division

Dr. Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, S.Hut., M.P

Dr. RR. Harlinda Kuspradini, S.Hut., M.P

Dr. Wiwin Suwinarti, S.Hut., M.P

Dr. Esti Handayani Hardi, S.Pi, M.Si

Dr. dr. Sjarif Ismail, M.Kes

2. Journal Division

Dr. Rudy Agung Nugroho, S.Si., M.Si

Ritbey Ruga, S.Si., M.P, Ph.D

Irma Suryana, S.Pi., M.Sc

3. Event Division

Dr. Dewi Embong Bulan, S.Kel., M.P

Dr. Winni Astuti, S.Si., M.Si

dr. Meiliati Aminyoto, M.Kes., Sp.GK

Fahrizal Adnan, ST., M.Sc

Wasono, S.Si., M.Si

4. IT Division

Anton Rahmadi, S.TP, M.Sc, Ph.D

Reza Maulana Yusuf, S.Kom

5. Transportation Division

dr. Abdul Mu’ti, M.Kes., Sp.Rad

dr. M Khairul Nuryanto, M.Kes

Firman, S.Pi

6. Consumption Division

Yuliadini Puspita, S.TP

Rizky Maulida Amalia Hanif, S.Si

Lisa Agustina, S.T

Risa Nova Purwandari, S.Si

Ayu Via Nurmawaty, S.TP

7. Decoration, Art, Equipment and Documentation Division

Fidia Deny Tisna Amijaya, S.Si., M.Si

Sukemi, S.Pd., M.Sc

Helda Niawati, S.T., M.T

Nanda Arista Rizki, S.Si., M.Si

Firdan Fahrezal, S.I.Kom

Robby Adhitya, S.I.Kom

8. Supporter Staff

Masykur Kurniawan, S.E

Agung Yusuf, S.Sos

Suriansyah, S.P

Ika Rosmita Sari, S.Hut

Muhammad Amin, S.Kom., M.Si


Contact Person :

  • Dr. dr. Swandari Paramita, M.Kes (+628125863228)
  • Rita Hairani, S.Si, M.Sc. (+6282255572024)
  • Dr. Nova Hariani, M.Si (+6282119026626)
  • Ritbey Ruga, S.Si., M.P, PhD (+6281326522177)
  • Dr. Dewi Embong Bulan, S.Kel., M.P. (+62 813-5083-4836)
Contact Person :
  • Dr. dr. Swandari Paramita, M.Kes (+628125863228)
  • Rita Hairani, S.Si, M.Sc. (+6282255572024)
  • Dr. Nova Hariani, M.Si (+6282119026626)
  • Ritbey Ruga, S.Si., M.P, PhD (+6281326522177)
  • Dr. Dewi Embong Bulan, S.Kel., M.P. (+62 813-5083-4836)